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I am a writer. The one thing I am usually most sure of about myself is my ability to find the right words. But there are no right words right now.

Last night I was in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood during the Denver protest of George Floyd’s death at the hands of police. As we started to leave, the scene was surreal: SWAT vehicles driving by, police in riot gear lining the streets, broken windows, fires in the street. We made it home safely. Not everyone does, not even when they’re just out on a run.

I am very aware of my privilege, my access to media and my platform, and using that platform to start conversations. I started this newsletter to write more, but also to share more. That’s why my newsletter curates stories every week instead of blabbing on forever about my own life.

This week I’m sharing my usual roundup of stories, but they will all be focused on one conversation.

On to the news part of the newsletter.

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Photos from last night:

It’s on us to do better. We can start by talking about it.


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